May 2012

The Ripe

Into Your Ears

The Ripe is immediately catchy and this guy's voice is really cool! They’ve got a show on Saturday at the 29th Street Ballroom at Spiderhouse Café in Austin, and then on the 25th in in the Netherlands! I don’t know a lot about The Hague, but those two cities seem like total opposites. Good for you dudes! Check out The Ripe’s 12-track album “Into Your Ears” on Bandcamp for some great Texas psych rock!


Arab Spring

Literature is a jangle pop band from Austin made up of Kevin Adickes, Nathaniel Cardaci, Seth Whaland and Mike Yaklin. Their album “Arab Spring” is on Bandcamp as a “name your price” download, and it’s ten tracks of really solid pop music! If you like happy music and need some more for your summer, check out Literature.


“Arab Spring” opens with a track called “14 Seconds,” which seems to be a metaphor of diffusing a bomb. It’s a good opener, and it really sets the pace.