March 2012

Whiskey Shivers

Trashgrass! I’ve never heard that term before, but I immediately love it. Whiskey Shivers formed in 2009 and started making awesome songs. I’m from East Tennessee, where bluegrass is very common and very appreciated, and I love punky takes on it like this. Austin, Texas should be good at this, and I’m glad this band exists. Check out Whisky Shivers’ album “Batholith” on Bandcamp for 11 sick tunes!

Mother Falcon - 'Alligator Teeth'

Hope Austin is doing all right after the onslaught of thousands of music fans crowding its streets all at once. Here's a local goody from last year off baroque pop outfit Mother Falcon's Alahambra LP.


Want to listen to something really refreshingly, ­weirdly worldy? Check out Govinda! The tags for this music on Bandcamp include thievery, corporations, whomp, gypsy, and sexy. Those are all spot on, and this is a band I could see myself listening to in lots of different situations.

Marmalakes - 'White Height'

Imagine for a minute if Conor Oberst and the Rentals had a trans-generational mutant lovechild. The result might sound a lot like Marmalakes. This Texan three-piece borrows the attitudes of proto-emo quirk-pop and wraps them up in burly Americana tones, producing endearing folk-pop with just enough heft not to be precious.