February 2012

Renegade Kid

There’s this independent development studio in Austin that’s been putting out some video games with totally rad music. They’re called Renegade Kid, and they’ve created tons of games including Dementium, ATV Wild Ride, Face Racers: Photo Finish, Planet Crashers, and Mutant Mudds.

Low Times - 'Why You Hate Me'

Garage punks Low Times deliver this dirty, yelpy track on their split cassette with Patsy. 

Santiago Dietche

His love for Elliot Smith really shows on his cover of “Waltz #2”

Santiago Dietche is super honest bedroom music! He tagged his seven track album, “Built Simple”, with Elliot Smith’s name, and that’s pretty appropriate. He recorded these songs in a vacant kitchen at his parents house, and he’s sorry to say he was sick during the experience. Your voice sounds great here nevertheless, sir. Excellent work.

Holy Wave - 'Best Friends'

Mm, warm guitars in psychedelic swirls.

Michael Guy Bowman

Michael Guy Bowman has described “Ithaca” as a mix of songs both personal and abstrat.

Michael Guy Bowman is making some of the most uplifting stuff tagged on bandcamp as ambient art rock. The names of his songs are great! Who doesn’t love song titles like “Cerulean Skies” or “Noun”? This guy sure does.

“Old Buggy Now” talks about taking trips in a car. That’s enough for me to love it. I’m totally jamming out in my chair right now listening to this and reminiscing on all the carefree trips I’ve taking in my old buggy of a Mitsubishi Endeavor. I love this song! This is dance rock. I’m glad he tagged it as art rock. I’ve been trying to promote the genre “art punk” lately. This is a little more art rock than art punk.