January 2012

Damage Pants

Damage Pants used the word “bulldozes” to describe what they’re doing on their album, and bulldozes definitely seems like the right word. These guitars are thick, these drums are aggressive, and these vocals are intense. Their album art has a cinderblock and a cliff on it.

Mineral - 'If I Could'

Back in 1995, when Mineral's career peaked with their The Power of Failing LP, "emo" wasn't a throwaway term used to describe flimsy pseudo-emotive pop-punk. Emo had some real heft. It could carry real crescendos, dig into some deep places. You could actually get away with naming a record "The Power of Failing" without even a hint of irony. Here's to that mid-90s sincerity. I miss it sometimes.


Wild Child

“The Tale Of You & Me” and “The Escape” are my picks for best songs on the album

Wow, I always love music from Austin. This has got to be one of the best scenes around the country. Wild Child uses ukuleles, violins, cellos, and banjos, so I expected them to be really generic and typical in a sort of “I’m trying really hard to be different” kind of way, but that is not at all the case. This is a really, really great band. These rhythms are so much more driving than you’d expect from the usual folk band. I write so many reviews that I can’t afford to always buy the albums that I listen to on Bandcamp, but I’m probably going to buy this one. It’s amazing.