December 2011

Peter and the Wolf - 'My Weirdest Dreams'

Redding Hunter, who records under the moniker Peter and the Wolf, describes his latest full-length as "a concept album about the art of hitting rock bottom". While heavy thematically, his soft orchestral folk songs have a certain mournful levity to them as they waft up and away like lost balloons. This is great music to fall asleep to. Easy Mountain can be purchased now as an $11 download or a $15 handmade CD package.

Sound Team

My personal favorite songs by Sound Team are the uplifting “Empty Rooms” and the pulsing “Up From Ashes”.

It is my hope that someone, even just a single person, who is unfamiliar with all the great things that have happened in Austin in the last decade or so would stumble upon this blog and discover one of the best bands in the history of Texas music. Sound Team isn’t a band anymore, but that’s the beauty of recording. Music made in times of great personal success for a band can be kept even after the band breaks up and enjoyed by others.


The name of Whalers’ album on BandCamp is “Paddle Easy, and it begins with a surf rock-esque whammy-bar bent chord. This band is immediately catchy. I had the first line from “Cheat On Each Other” stuck in my head for about an hour while I was doing nothing but listening to other music.

Musicians Review: Andrew Kenny

"The title track from their most recent album, Two Matchsticks, is beautiful. "

What has Andrew Kenny been doing since that Home EP he made with Ben Gibbard? You might find yourself asking yourself that if you’re not a very serious fan of his work, but you may already know that the former American Analog Set frontman has been playing with The Wooden Birds in Austin since 2008.

Quiet Company - 'Are You a Mirror?'

Fans of the Death Cab for Cutie school of pop should appreciate the newest album from Austin's own Quiet Company. Topping off traditional rock instrumentation with synthy flourishes and roguish stomps, the band forges an introspective (yet catchy) sound of its own. Here's 'Are You a Mirror?' off of We Are All Where We Belong.