Santiago Dietche

Santiago Dietche

His love for Elliot Smith really shows on his cover of “Waltz #2”

Santiago Dietche is super honest bedroom music! He tagged his seven track album, “Built Simple”, with Elliot Smith’s name, and that’s pretty appropriate. He recorded these songs in a vacant kitchen at his parents house, and he’s sorry to say he was sick during the experience. Your voice sounds great here nevertheless, sir. Excellent work.

This is a bit more Matt Costa than Elliot Smith, but I love both and I hope this songwriter does as well. “Next Year’s Blues” is a really good, upbeat song sort of remniscent of Costa’s early works. I think it’s the sort of proper nature of the voice that makes me draw these comparisons. I love this though, so don’t take it the wrong way.

His love for Elliot Smith really shows on his cover of “Waltz #2”, but it also makes me think he has a certain amount of love for James Mercer. If The Shins covered Elliot Smith, I think it would sound a lot like this. Those are a couple of my favorite musicians. Man! I always forget about what a great song this is. I’m more accustomed to all of the other Elliot Smith albums. I really think all seven songs on Built Simple are great, but this is a very, very well done cover.

In addition to the main songwriter, Blair Robbin’s voice, Kent Hale’s percussion are featured on this album. The artwork was done by Sam Butler who flickr page is linked on Santiago Dietche’s Bandcamp page. Check this stuff out! It’s really good.