The Ripe

The Ripe

Into Your Ears

The Ripe is immediately catchy and this guy's voice is really cool! They’ve got a show on Saturday at the 29th Street Ballroom at Spiderhouse Café in Austin, and then on the 25th in in the Netherlands! I don’t know a lot about The Hague, but those two cities seem like total opposites. Good for you dudes! Check out The Ripe’s 12-track album “Into Your Ears” on Bandcamp for some great Texas psych rock!

They nailed it with all those psychedelic tags on Bandcamp. They tagged themselves as psych, psyche, psychedelic, psychedelic pop and psychedelic rock. You can tell what they’re going for and they’re nailing it! The tone on these guitars is great! The biggest stand out for me is still his voice though. It’s perfect for this genre. Not too harsh, not too normal and just weird enough.

This album was produced and recorded by Jorge Munoz in Gijon, Spain at Circo Perrotti Studios, and the Ripe is Jake Garcia, Gilan Ortiz and Nick Yaklin. These folks seem pretty worldy, and they’re making some really great, really mature songs.

“Black Box Blues” is my favorite on the album, but they’re really all totally worth listening to. This one is a little more 50s pop than their usual 70s psychedelic rock, but it’s totally working for them. Crossing genres well is the most impressive thing for bands to do. If you’re in Austin on the 19 or The Hague on the 25, check these guys out! I’m sure they put on a good show!