Arab Spring

Literature is a jangle pop band from Austin made up of Kevin Adickes, Nathaniel Cardaci, Seth Whaland and Mike Yaklin. Their album “Arab Spring” is on Bandcamp as a “name your price” download, and it’s ten tracks of really solid pop music! If you like happy music and need some more for your summer, check out Literature.


“Arab Spring” opens with a track called “14 Seconds,” which seems to be a metaphor of diffusing a bomb. It’s a good opener, and it really sets the pace.

The second track, “Lily,” might be my favorite on the album. It’s a bit more uptempo, and it’s got that really catchy 50s drum beat throughout the song. The melody is catchy, and the vocal recordings sound great. There’s a grainy sort of distortion on them that I’m totally enjoying.

The title track is pretty quick and immediately consumable. If you don’t find yourself enjoying the other songs, give this one a listen before you give up. It’s catchy, the beat is strong, and the instrumentation is interesting. The message here seems really great as well. This is a very strong centerpiece to a solid album.

I bet these guys are really cool live. If you’re in Austin, go find them and get them to play a show! If you’re not, then send them an email and hook them up with something in your town! Bands like this are a lot of fun to hang out with, watch play, and otherwise enjoy on your own time.