Album Review: Visitors

Somebody else already described Lazerhawk’s album “Visitors” as an 80s electro jam to get abducted by aliens to, and I can’t disagree at all. There’s some great consistency here for sure. Even the typeface of their name seems to suggest a sort of retro futuristic electricity.

The album starts off with the appropriately titled track “Lazerhawk’s Theme.” This is a great theme, and it effectively sets the mood for the rest of the album. There are 13 tracks in total and it’s on Bandcamp for $9.99. If you think that’s too much, you can always stream at Mp3 quality straight from Bandcamp.

The title track on “Visitors” is probably my favorite of the album. It comes in at a point when the band’s sound is still probing your mind. You aren’t quite yet sure if they’re going to be another simple ambient band or a full force electronic machine. The tones on every part of this track are crisp and hard hitting, and when the drums come in you’ll probably immediately make your mind up about this band. I’m on their team here. This track is great.

“Visitors” was released on February 6th of this year, with artwork by Michael Delaporte and 13 tracks of 80s dreamwave bliss. Be sure and check this stuff out, even if electro isn’t normally your thing. It’s certainly not my usual genre, but this stuff is pretty hard to dislike. Excellent work, Lazerhawk! Keep the great tracks coming and don’t get abducted just yet.