Want to listen to something really refreshingly, ­weirdly worldy? Check out Govinda! The tags for this music on Bandcamp include thievery, corporations, whomp, gypsy, and sexy. Those are all spot on, and this is a band I could see myself listening to in lots of different situations.

The second track on Govinda’s album “Universal On Switch” called “Contact” might be my favorite. The vocals whispering in the background make it so perfectly creepy, and then the electronic whomps start. There are all sorts of interesting vocals on this one actually, and it’s worth listening to just for the chance to hear all these crazy effects.

This band’s name and logo remind me a lot of Godiva chocolate. Godiva chocolate is the best kind of chocolate, in my opinion. So I came into this Bandcamp page with immediately good preconceptions. Associations with delicious chocolates are hard to live up to, but Shane O Madden, Mohammed Firoozi, Lisa Donnelly, Rosey, and Malcolm Guest do not disappoint.

They dedicated this album to the late Andrea Burden and the trans-dimensional lucid dreaming that Burden inspired. Lucid dreaming is an awesome phenomenon, and I automatically admire anybody who can pull it off.

“Paint Ourselves Right In” is a really interesting track as well. The vocal melody is a bit catchier, and it’s got enough interesting electronics to merit revisiting many times. Be sure to check these guys out! You don’t find good world electronic very often. Excellent work, Texas! Middle Eastern Trip Hop at it’s best.