Distorted Acoustic Guitars, Horns, and Theremin Sounds

Gashcat is exactly the kind of fuzz folk the world needs more of. This sounds more like what I’d expect the natural progression of Neutral Milk Hotel inspired art direction to be than almost anything I’ve heard before. These melodies are totally something that Jeff Mangum would sing beautifully, but then they bust into much more post-2000 anthemic choruses.

These acoustic guitars are distorted wonderfully. The horns all sound great. I really have nothing but positive things to say about Gashcat. “Every Summer, Every Spring” is probably my favorite of the eight tracks on their Bandcamp under the album “Reunion!”.  The verses are catchy, the hooks are catchier, and all of the sounds are wonderfully fuzzy. I’m not even sure what a lot of these sounds are. There’s sort of an underwater piano sound in there after the first chorus that I absolutely love.

“Ghost Of A Ghost” is another great track. There’s a sound in there I’d make a dare bet was a theremin or a saw. The keyboard sounds here are once again well distorted, and the mix is pretty interesting.

If you get the chance, go see this band! They played at SXSW as did probably every other band in Austin, but they seem to have lots of other shows too. They’re in Shreveport, Louisiana on April 21 at Fatty Arbuckle’s if you’re near that area. This genre in particular is really great live. Fuzz distortion is much more powerful at high volumes. Go see Gashcat or check out their Bandcamp!