Damage Pants

Damage Pants

Damage Pants used the word “bulldozes” to describe what they’re doing on their album, and bulldozes definitely seems like the right word. These guitars are thick, these drums are aggressive, and these vocals are intense. Their album art has a cinderblock and a cliff on it.

You can buy the album on vinyl for seven dollar or digitally for one dollar. As always, you can donate more through BandCamp if you’d like to. This is really cool punk, garage, diy rock. I recommend it. I’d love to see these guys at a house show.

They also used the phrase “doom-laden” to describe one of their songs called “We Were Left”. I’m a big fan of doom, and this is a really solid track. It’s totally laden with doom and it’s still pretty catchy.

“The Hands Of Paolo Rocco” is probably my favorite track on the album though. It’s really driving. Even though it’s only barely longer than two minutes, it doesn’t seem too short. It’s aggressive enough, but it is in no way pushy. He keeps chanting, “I’ll take the fifth.” That bass is incredible! That’s definitely what put this song over the top for me.

If you can check these guys out at a show sometime, you’ll probably love it. If you’re not from around Austin, head over to their BandCamp page and stream or purchase their tracks. They deserve the listens either way. It’s hard to make music in this genre and not get lost in the mess of everyone else trying to do similar things, but Damage Pants really does a great job.