Austin Bedroom Rock

I will write about every band I ever find named after industrial tools. I found this band from Austin called Chainsaw, and they immediately had my attention. Their logo is sick. It’s the word “chainsaw” shaped into a chainsaw, complete with blades and all. This guy is making some really spacey bedroom rock.

The first track, “Moment Of Impact,” really caught my attention. He said he recorded all of this in his bedroom, and I’m impressed with the spaciousness of this recording. Everything is really clear and the reverb is great. The things you can do these days are unbelievable. This song has a really sweet counting bridge too, and it’s one of the best tracks on the album.

There are twelve other songs on the album, also called “Chainsaw,” and they’re all worth listening to. You can download the whole thing for five dollars, or stream it all for free right off Chainsaw’s Bandcamp page. “Chaotic Collisions” is another great track off of this one. The primary songwriter enlisted background vocals from his friend (I assume they are friends), Katie Chaney, and she did a great job. Everything about this recording is wonderfully spacious.

Go check out Chainsaw! If you’re in or around Austin, go find them and tell them they're doing great things. Maybe you can get Chainsaw to play a show. If you’re nowhere near Austin, these recordings will serve you well. I already find myself listening to this band more than most that I write about.